The Office of the President: University of Oregon
“We are reimagining the public university and renewing excellence through access and affordability.  This effort preserves our mission as a public university and creates a new partnership between higher education and Oregonians.”

— Richard W. Lariviere, 16th President, University of Oregon

About this website

The New Partnership

The New Partnership was a proposal launched in May 2010 by the University of Oregon’s 16th President, Richard Lariviere, to address ongoing issues of governance, accountability, and funding. With a goal of replacing a state system that no longer serves Oregon’s needs with one that would renew the state’s abilities to achieve its education goals and reestablish its tradition of policy innovation, the initiative focused on three areas of reform:

Governance: A public governing board that focuses on UO’s mission and public responsibility

Accountability: A set of standards that hold the UO accountable in relation to accessibility, affordability, diversity, economic development, and service impact

Funding: Assurance of a stable state funding model through state bonding and a public endowment

This website chronicles the details of this initiative from May 2010 to December 2011.

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